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I’m the author in our family rather than the partner, but I well recognize the truth in this!

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We shall read on the beaches, we shall read in the fields and in the streets, we shall read in the hills... - Photo:

We shall read on the beaches, we shall read in the fields and in the streets, we shall read in the hills…
- Photo:

Today was not a good day for writing. I woke up early, as usual, to do some writing, but a myriad of things required my attention, breaking my concentration. Before I knew it, the day had begun and an unprecedented number of clients called up, interrupting me  every five minutes.

None of this would matter, of course, if I hadn’t already missed yesterday’s writing. As I aim to have the fourth Pearseus book ready by Christmas, this means I have to write 1,500-2,000 words daily to have any hope of meeting my target.

Then, I made the mistake of expressing my frustration to my wife, Electra. An expression of deep care and sympathy failed completely to appear on her face. Instead, she announced she’d be writing…

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L. S. Gibson guest author on Harsh Reality!



Check out my post as Guest Author on Aopinionated Man’s blog: Harsh Reality!


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L. S. Gibson appears on Being Author!


Yes, today my books and I are highlighted on the Being Author website, which is an excellent site for the promotion of authors and their books.

Here’s the direct link to my page:

which I hope folk will find interesting and perhaps follow some of the links provided.

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Eynan 3 Progress – or otherwise

quillAs I reported last week the third Eynan novel is progressing, though I have to admit it’s not going quite as well at the moment. I’ve hit a plot quandary that needs sorting out so my writing has slowed down somewhat.

Still, it’s better to sort out any problems now before the words get put onto paper rather than have to come back in the future to make corrections. Nothing worse than having to re-write something I thought was good only to discover it’s not working.

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Review links for QUESTOR!



I thought folk might be interested in having a look at some of my reviews for QUESTOR:

Mrs Condit’s Reviews:

Long and Short reviews:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Here’s a few options to buy the novel:

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Update on my WIP!

quillI mentioned early last month that I was working on a third Eynan novel (for which I still don’t have a working title). It was slow going at first, I didn’t seem to be able to get a hang on the story that would get my writing juices going. Then a couple of weeks ago things began to get better, still a bit on the slow side but a definite improvement. This week has been so much better, I actually managed to write two chapters this week. Now that still means I’ve only just finished chapter six so still a long way to go, but considering it took me a month to write the first four chapters, I don’t think writing the last two in 4 days is bad going:)

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the flow going – fingers crossed – and I’ll continue to post about my progress.

Here’s a link to my website for anyone who’s interested:

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My writing habits!

quillI’ve seen a few blogs recently with authors talking about their writing practices, in particular the how and where they like to write and it made me compare my choices with the variety of likes and dislikes of these other authors, some well known, others not so much. Some could only work in silence, some liked to listen to music, while others preferred to work in public places such as coffee shops.

I have to admit I have never attempted to work in a public place, not sure I could cope with that, but I don’t like to work in silence. I have my computer set up on the dining room table (which tends to mean we very rarely eat meals there!) which happens to be set in the bay window of our house, overlooking the front garden and the main road that passes in front. Mostly the cars and buses pass in a blur and only if I get stuck will I look up and stare at the scene out of the window.

The TV is always on at the other end of the large open space that forms our living/dining area. I don’t actually listen to the TV, well not for most of the time anyhow, though it forms a comforting background. If things are not going well, I will pause and listen to what’s on and occasionally might go over and sit and watch for a time. Sometimes I will quickly abandon it and return to my computer, other times I will get caught up in whatever is on and find that break can often help to get my mind back on track again.

What does bother me though is if I am deep in the zone and someone comes along and merrily starts chatting to me. I get frustrated because the family knows if my fingers are flashing over the keyboard that I’m working and should be left alone, not exactly the most welcoming of attitudes I know, but that’s the truth behind the attitude of this writer!

I should also admit that I get distracted far too easily on my laptop, checking my emails, looking at FB and Twitter, blogs etc. etc. And that I can’t blame on anyone but myself!

Well I think it’s time to try and get back to continuing the chapter I’m supposed to be working on right now:)

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